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Services and Rates

   Houghton Lake Office Only                       

Halotherapy - Salt Booth Houghton Lake ONLY

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10 minutes - $20                                  

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    Roscommon Office Only

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You Need A Massage is an individual practitioner handling all of the duties of running the business. There are no dedicated office hours and business is conducted online or by phone. There will be a delay in returning messages received during massage sessions.

Investing in massage is an investment in your health.

Please note that rates are based upon the local economy and compared to larger markets appear to be a bargain.

A small sample of services appear near bottom. Please refer to the book now button for more rates and services.



Event Chair massage available (individual therapist.) Can be individually paid or sponsor paid.

Sponsor paid rates start at $100 per hour plus travel depending upon distance to your location.


The Goddess Spa Ritual (no longer offered)

Based upon the body wrap concept. Heated table and warm room at the main office. Start out with a dry brushing, followed by a soothing mitt buffing. Warm oil is then applied. (body wrap product applied, this is where you would be wrapped in a cocoon and left to your own devices for 20 minutes) Time now for your massage! Pure bliss is experiencing a soothing relaxation massage that flows from place to place. It sure feels like more than two hands...oh wait, I'm floating on cloud nine. We then bring you gently back to earth and remove any excess oil with warm towels. 

For the hour or longer sessions, you then roll over and repeat on the other side. 


Couples Simultaneous Massage - One Hour - $140

Please note contractors are very hard to find and I may not be able to accommodate your request.

Book as far in advance as possible. 

Weekends can find me booked in Roscommon inside the Art~Y~Facts building.

Back to phone tag with potential second therapist for couples massage.

Two Therapist for two people. Same room. Basic one hour massage, specialty massages depends on therapist and subject to different rate fees. At least a minimum 48 hour advance notice required. 


Deep Tissue massage is finally posted on the menu and is in 15 minute increments. This does not imply full body massage. Figure about 4 hours for a deep tissue full body session. Constant client feedback required during a deep tissue massage. 1/2 hour minimum for table massage

Most deep tissue requests are strictly looking for increased pressure. Communicate with your therapist during your session to adjust the pressure to your tolerance. 

Deep Tissue massage is mentioned in a lot of broadcast shows. It's requests, increase for about a week after the airing of that program.  

Deep tissue is a great marketing term developed 40-50 years ago to differentiate between an oiling and an effective massage. What is your definition?

Deep Tissue massage performed properly is a gentle technique which flows according to the muscle melt.

Chair Massage$17.00 / 15 minutes
Hot Stone Therapy$95.00 / 60 minutes
Hot Stone Therapy$125.00 / 90 minutes
Swedish Massage$45.00 / 45 minutes
Swedish Massage$58.00 / 60 minutes
Swedish Massage$75.00 / 75 minutes