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Gift Certificates

Our Link to Online Gift Certificates

This is the preferred method

It has service specific certificates 

or your choice of denominations

Purchase gift card on! 

Warning: home shopping radio certificate  obligation stemming from the 2009 program expired in 2014. We have not authorized the current batch of certificates their website is selling. Please return them to the place of purchase for your refund.

Gift certificates are also available for purchase in person at the office.


You may choose from the PayPal selections below.

Certificate Denominations


Classic Rubs - Swedish massage


The Works Signature Massage


Health Maintenance


Hot Stone massage


Goddess Spa Ritual


Chair massage


misc. massage service




Step 1   Make your purchase.

Step 2  Print a copy of the online certificate. You can make up your own certificate and put the transaction # on your creation.

 Step 3  Fill out certificate with pertinent information and give to lucky recipient. Print the transaction # on the line provided.

We can mail a physical copy to or for you for the non-refundable nominal fee of $7.00.

The shipping charge can be found under misc. massage services. Send the shipping instructions to :


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